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Limits on Recovery in Malpractice Cases

An issue that transcends state lines is the issue ofdamages caps in (medical) malpractice cases.  Remember that a lawsuit for malpractice generally asks for both economic and … More

Sinkholes Repair Problems

Here we will walk through the typical sinkhole loss and repair process, attempting to note potential traps for the unwary.  Some of these items may change as the Florida … More

Florida’s Sinkhole Laws

The District Court of Appeal of Florida, First District recently heard the case ofFlorida Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company v. State of Florida, Office of Insurance … More

Wrongful Death Cases in Florida

Florida gives the survivors of a deceased person certain rights.  Specifically, if a wrongful act brought about the death, the survivors may sue the responsible parties for money … More

Intentionally Caused Injuries

There are a lot of bad people out there with very little regard for human life.  Perhaps it is a cultural sickness brought about by the glorification of violence, perhaps there are … More

When a Child is Injured

An injured child is a parent’s worst nightmare.  In addition to medical bills there’s an emotional trauma that money can’t ever set right.  Children under the age of eighteen can’t … More